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Question 1

Which among the following are important bodies of WTO?

(i) Dispute settlement body
(ii) NAFTA
(iii) Trade Policy Review Body
(iv) ASEAN
(v) Council for Trade in Goods
(vi) Council for trade related aspects of Intellectual property rights
(vii) GATT


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Question 2

Assertion (A): In case of flexible exchange rate, Government is free from the consideration about Balance of Payment and Government can concentrate on domestic economic policy.
Reason (R): Automatic adjustment balance of payment is achieved in case of free exchange rate through changes in exchange rates.

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Question 3

Assertion (A): Devaluation improves balance of payment deficit.

Reason (R): Devaluation leads to increase in prices of exports and decrease in prices of imports. Codes:

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Question 4

Marginal Propensity to import is

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Question 5

According to the credit tranche policy of the IMF, credit is made available in

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